Holistic Cleanse and Reset Retreat - May 22nd

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Join myself and @catherinebanks_holistic for a delightful cleanse & reset day, where you can literally immerse yourself in a day of holistic wellbeing ???

We’ll be exploring meditation practices, EFT, that’s Emotional Freedom Technique. You may know of it as tapping. Reiki, which is energy healing, Wellbeing Coaching, and Restorative Yoga.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to gift yourself a day to cleanse and re-set your mind, body and soul. Because quite frankly your deserve it!!

Here’s what to expect.

Our meditation will be focused on letting go of old negative thoughts and beliefs and welcoming new ones.

Healthy lunch
We will provide a healthy gluten free, vegan lunch.

Your taste buds will be awaken with a refreshing cold pressed juice to quench your thirst and flood your cells with energy giving nutrients.

Well-being coaching
We use coaching as a tool to help create clarity and awareness around the things you want to achieve. Whilst also looking at what’s potentially holding you back. This is a great way to remain focused on your dreams and desires and to create a healthy plan for the year ahead.

You will be introduced to a restorative yoga flow and deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. No experience is required. Just come with comfortable clothes you can move in, and extra layers to keep you warm.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Positive tapping to help with motivation and goal setting. We will be exploring the Field Clearing Technique.

During your reiki taster session you will be rebalanced and recharged. This is a great way to release energy.

We will help you re-energise ready for spring time. You’ll be guided to help create and set goals that will help you achieve the health and happiness you deserve.

Creating a plan for the year ahead.? ? ?

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