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Beginners Workshop

  • Sunday 24th April 10-12pm

Once a month we hold a beginners workshop. This workshop will move you through a sequence of different yoga postures. Each posture will be broken down into easy to follow movements at an enjoyable gentle pace. The idea of the workshop is to give you the confidence to start your yoga journey by enrolling onto one of our weekly classes. We start each session with a guided meditation and end with with savasana to calm the body and help to deepen relaxation. You will also be introduced to yoga breathing, which will help you make the most of your yoga practice.

Mindful Hatha Yoga

  • Monday 6.30pm (suitable for beginners)
  • Drop in option available to book now.

These classes will strengthen your whole body as well as encourage greater flexibility. Movement with breath is the very essence of this class. When we use the breath as we move it becomes like a moving meditation. Like a serpentine flow, allowing the body to open up to more possibilities and experiences. We move slowly so as to keep the focus mindfully on correct alignment and so reduce injury.

Yoga and QiGong

  • Wednesday 7pm (suitable for beginners)
  • Drop in option available to book now.

The new Yoga and Qigong class on Wednesday’s 7-8pm is a combination of the two ancient practises. Both practises have been around for thousands of years and hail from India and China.

With our yoga practise we look to release tension stored in the body, improve core stability and balance while finding a sense of inner peace. Qigong forms can be found at the base of martial arts. Moving through the elements and the seasons, animal forms inspired by the world around us and finding both inner strength and physical resilience. We always end the session with meditation and savasana.
This class is suitable for beginners with some yoga experience to intermediate.