This time of year it can be challenging to stay healthy. Our health often takes a back seat, but it shouldn’t. Now more than ever it’s important to look after ourselves and have a healthy routine in place. Don’t let a couple of weeks of festivities mess up all your previous hard work.

We all know the festive period is full of temptation. So many social engagements, drinks parties, and buying in stuff in a case people pop round. How do you stay remotely healthy with all this temptation?? And how do you stay keep your energy up when you’re so busy? I think ‘awareness’ is the first step. We have to think about what’s coming up and try to come up with some strategies to help negate some of the damage. During this busy time of year it’s easy to get run down, trying to meet too many demands, and feeling literally like you’re being pulled from pillar to post. Taking valuable time out to recharge those batteries is important, after all you can’t pour from an empty cup now can you! Let me share with you some of my tips as well as some passed on from some of my wonderful clients.

Throughout December, possibly even before, you may have numerous social engagements, meals, or drinks out every Friday and Saturday night. If you plan ahead you can ensure that Sunday to Thursday is healthy. No alcohol, processed foods, chocolate etc. So you become aware, aware you may over indulged and so you put steps in place to negate some of this. Plan your meals, make sure they’re healthy, lots of veggies, no sugar or at least very little, some lean healthy protein and minimum carbs and make sure the carbs are good, like wholegrain rice, wild rice, sweet potato, not white rice, pasta, bread, and drink plenty of water.

So how about the social engagements at the weekend? Make sure you’re not drinking on an empty stomach would be one good tip and consider drinking water as well as alcohol. If you know you’re out Friday and Saturday night, limit your alcohol intake on one of these nights and look at the best option food wise. Don’t throw in the towel and decide to fill your boots, that’s a bad idea, be conscious, don’t jeopardise your health, you only get one body look after it.

If you’re already feeling sluggish and less than energetic you’re likely already feeling the effects of toxicity. Piling on more with alcohol, rich and processed food is only going to make the situation worse. You want to enjoy the festive period and you can do this, but do it sensibly. Often we tell ourselves ‘what the heck’ it’s Xmas, I should enjoy myself, eat more, drink more, but ask yourself, how does that make you feel? I think we can do some of this in moderation and allow our liver to recover, but when we do it too often, when our usual routine is enhanced further, we can tip the scales and take ourselves into dangerous territory leading onto serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, the 3 main killer in the UK. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, ‘kill joy’ but we do need to consider what we are doing to ourselves.

New years resolutions, putting your health off until the new year can have dire consequences. When we assume that kind of mentality we can end up eating even more of the wrong foods, as we’re telling ourselves it’s ok, I’ll get on top of it later. This is a mistake, as the damage will already have been done. We need to address what we’re putting in our bodies now. Why do we want to build up more toxicity. What messages are we sending to ourselves. How about changing the script and seeing yourself as a healthy person, a healthy person who can afford to have the odd treat. If you’re generally an unhealthy person, then topping up on more junk is never going to get you to where you want to be. Ask yourself what is it that you want, a healthy body and mind, full of energy and vitality or an unhealthy body and mind, full of toxicity from poor diet and lifestyle that leads onto disease.

By making an investment in your health now you can negate a lot of this. Decide now to make those changes, then come Christmas you’ll be less likely to go mad, you’ll also in a stronger position for your body to be able to deal with some of the ‘treats’ you’ll likely be tempted to.

I used to have a bad attitude towards food, I ate way too much sugar, drank too much and smoked. Looking back now it feels I’m talking about a different person. One Christmas, 17 years ago my health took a complete nose dive, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I’d been struggling with my health, my energy wasn’t great, I was stressed at work, my diet wasn’t too bad but there was a lot of sugar, quite a bit of alcohol and there were also cigarettes, ‘yuck’ And after this particular Christmas with more sugar than normal, some anti-biotics due to a kidney infection, I was floored.

This was a turning point for me, I had to get my health back on track and that’s exactly what I did. I’m now in a strong body with a strong mind. I feel positive. I look after myself. I nourish myself with good food, detox regularly, drink lots of water and green tea and workout every week. I meditate and do yoga to keep my mind healthy and my body supple. Do I indulge from time to time, yeah of course I do, I’m no saint, but I make sure I generally look after myself so that when I do indulge, there’s no guilt. I don’t over do it. I have a little of what I like and I enjoy eating healthily the rest of the time. I see myself as a healthy person. How do you see yourself? If it’s in a negative light then you can change this, start seeing yourself the way you want to be. Do the things that person would do, get into their mindset. Plan your meals, plan your day, your week, set yourself goals or work with a health coach to guide and support you.

Deciding to make change is the first step, Nutrition, coaching, colonic hydrotherapy, yoga, they’re all tools to help you. They’ve helped me no end. Coaching for example helps you to get from where you are right now to where you want to be. I love to help my clients move forward, to witness the incredible changes in such a short space of time. It gives me so much joy to be part of their journey into self discovery. Don’t put it off, if you want to do something with your life, if you know there is so much more you’d like to achieve, do it, do it now, sign up to a course of coaching and see your life and your health transform.

I’ve had so many light bulb moments myself during my own personal coaching sessions. Giving ourselves the space to think about what it is we want to do is powerful. We all have the answers within us, we just need some help to bring them to the surface.

What about nutritional health? Is it time to have your diet assessed? Would you like to work with a qualified nutritionist to help you make the changes you know you need to make but perhaps struggle on your own. Completing a health questionnaire and 7 day food diary can be very revealing. We assess your nutrient status and make recommendations on simple changes you can make to help you shed a few pounds, feel more energetic or help re-balance the whole body, so you can say good bye to often debilitating symptoms. We work with you one on one to get you the best results.

Throughout December I’m offering 5 FREE 30 minute health profile reviews to anyone thinking about taking up nutrition therapy or wellbeing coaching to help move them forward. If you would like to start your journey get in touch. The first 5 will receive this offer.

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