The Eight Elements Integral to Health

  1. Nutritional Health
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Environment
  4. Finances
  5. Relationships
  6. Life purpose
  7. Movement
  8. Lifestyle & pace

Many tools can be used within well-being coaching to expand on an area of concern to further clarify specific areas for coaching. This enables a greater level of clarity in any given area, and helps to pinpoint a single area where changes need to be made. This drilling down process is crucial in creating specific goals required for coaching to have a successful outcome and to assist me in identifying where more specific support would be of benefit.

If we understand why we want to achieve something we find the how, we access our resources more readily.

During a typical coaching session I will be asking questions, but mainly I will be listening to you and helping you to uncover beliefs and behaviours that may be holding you back or making you feel a certain way.

My role is to stretch and motivate you to achieve your goals, so that you can feel truly fulfilled, completely content & above all else happy!

As a well-being coach I work alongside a team of holistic pracitioners. I may decide to refer you on to another specialist practitioner if I think this would be of benefit to you. This would be discussed at the end of a session.

Who would benefit from well-being coaching?
Anyone with a goal in mind or a health concern can benefit from well-being coaching.

Well-being coaching is particularly beneficial to anyone who feels overwhelmed by life, suffers with chronic fatigue, ME or Fibromyalgia. Or feels struck in a rut and needs motivating to make some much needed changes.

Coaching can help to identify which areas need addressing. Or it maybe that these areas are known, but you feel unable to make changes on your own.

Well-being coaching can also greatly benefit someone struggling to lose weight, especially if they can’t seem to stick to a diet or healthy eating regime. There are often underlying emotional issues that cause a person to overeat, or eat the wrong types of food. Past trauma and stress especially in childhood years can precipitate emotional eating. Also learned behavior from our parents or care givers can be embedded and often difficult to let go off.

Well-Being coaching can help with these and so many other conditions and lifestyle factors.


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