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Hi there,
I am a registered and qualified Meditation teacher and trainer, EFT
(emotional freedom technique) therapist and Reiki master. I offer a down to
earth and realistic approach to holistic healing and wellness and will always
be led by your needs, beliefs and understanding. My work involves using
different therapies and practices to help clients through challenging and
difficult times. In recent years my work has developed a focus on grief, but I
also work with a number of different psychological and emotional issues
such as anxiety, depression, burnout and sleep issues.

I have undertaken rigorous theoretical and practical training and obtained
accredited qualifications in all complimentary therapies offered. I hold a
Master’s degree in psychology, which allows me to combine both the
scientific approach to health along with modern energy psychology. Over
recent years I have travelled, worked and studied meditation in many
different countries, including India and Bali and love to bring in the different
philosophies into my teaching.

I am also a registered member of the British School of Meditation, EFT
International and the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I hold indemnity
insurance for each therapy I provide and an enhanced DBS certification.

I live in Manchester with my partner and cat Rhubarb and in my spare time I
love reading, hiking and travelling! I am also an aspiring artist (but that’s a
work in progress :).

If you would like to find out more about the services I offer, or arrange an
informal chat to see how we can work together, I would love to hear from

Please contact Catherine directly to arrange a consultation at
hello@catherinebanks.co.uk or 07958508035

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  • 6 Week One to one Meditation course – £200
  • EFT Session – 1 hour – £40
    Book a block of 5 (recommended) for £176 (10% discount)
  • Reiki Session – 1 hour – £35
    Book a block of 4 (recommended) for £126 (10% discount)
  • Integrated therapy sessions – 6 weeks – £275
    (1.5 hours combining meditation EFT and Reiki for deep healing and
    release – Suitable for working on specific physical, psychological or
    emotional issues such as grief anxiety or burnout)

Free online consultation available before booking is made so that we can
discuss your needs and find the right approach and treatment for you.

In house appointments available on Mondays from 9am – 6pm, starting from
Monday 10 th May.

Please contact Catherine directly to arrange a consultation at
hello@catherinebanks.co.uk or 07958508035

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