25th March 2019

Gut Health Series – The Truth About Gluten

Why does Gluten cause so many digestive problems? Here’s a little background into gluten and other grains that you may not be aware of. We’ve all been raised to believe that grains are an intrinsic and necessary food to eat. Part of a balanced diet. I want to inform you that they’re not. They cause […]

17th March 2019

Gut Health Series – Organic Acid Test v Stool Test to Identify Dysbiosis in IBS

Stool testing has long been established for its importance in identifying gut issues that could be the route cause of IBS. While these tests are incredibly informative and I use them alot in clinic. There are circumstances when an Organic Acid test can reveal a whole lot more. In particular, when we are dealing with […]

11th March 2019

Gut Health Series – The Importance of Stool Testing

Welcome to the Gut Health Series – The Importance of Stool Testing Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be looking closely at things that go wrong in the gut and what the possible causes are. This week we’re kicking off with a look at the importance of stool testing and in particular […]

7th March 2019

Top Tips For A Successful Colonic Hydrotherapy/Irrigation Treatment

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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and book in for your first colonic irrigation treatment. That’s great news. You’ve taken the first step in supporting your body into good health. So now you want to make sure you get the very best out of your colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Here are some top tips for […]

29th November 2017

Gut Ill Health – The Route to All Disease

Are you suffering from on-going gut related issues? Would you like to find out what’s actually driving these issues and put a stop to it now? I suffered for years with symptoms of IBS that no medical intervention was able help. When I tested privately with a comprehensive stool analysis it was incredible to see […]

17th October 2017

Methylation – How Is It Affecting Your Health

Methylation – What’s it all about and could it be hindering your daily life. I recently did a comprehensive DNA test with MyDNAhealth and was frankly quite shocked to find out that genetically my methylation is severe as it only works at 20-30%! There were lots of other issues as well. I’m genetically prone to […]

24th April 2017

Neurotoxins – Do you know how many you consume on a daily basis?

Firstly, let’s clarify what they are. They’re toxins, that is, poisonous substances from a number of sources that directly damage nerve cells, often overstimulating them to death. They break the communication process between cells. Neurotoxins are linked with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and MS. As they directly damage mitochondrial, that is the batteries of our […]

27th February 2017

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!   It’s taken me a little while to get here but I thought it was a good time to share my story of my journey into health. Thankfully I’m now a healthy, happy natural health practitioner, and Chrysalis Effect wellbeing coach, and soon to be specialist. I […]

25th September 2016


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Castor oil packing is cleansing the whole intestinal tract and by nature of the closeness of the intestines to the blood and lymphatic network – it also cleanses these vital body fluids. Castor oils fatty acid content is nearly ninety percent Ricinoleic acid, which produces a cleansing of the small intestines. It also enhances the […]

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