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29th November 2017

Gut Ill Health – The Route to All Disease

Are you suffering from on-going gut related issues? Would you like to find out what’s actually driving these issues and put a stop to it now? I suffered for years with symptoms of IBS that no medical intervention was able help. When I tested privately with a comprehensive stool analysis it was incredible to see […]

17th October 2017

Methylation – How Is It Affecting Your Health

Methylation – What’s it all about and could it be hindering your daily life. I recently did a comprehensive DNA test with MyDNAhealth and was frankly quite shocked to find out that genetically my methylation is severe as it only works at 20-30%! There were lots of other issues as well. I’m genetically prone to […]

25th September 2016


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Castor oil packing is cleansing the whole intestinal tract and by nature of the closeness of the intestines to the blood and lymphatic network – it also cleanses these vital body fluids. Castor oils fatty acid content is nearly ninety percent Ricinoleic acid, which produces a cleansing of the small intestines. It also enhances the […]

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